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Performer’s Guide to Music of the Baroque Era (ABRSM)

Performer’s Guide to Music of the Baroque Era (ABRSM)


The latest thinking on stylish performance presented in a clear, helpful and practical way. Includes chapters from leading experts on historical background, notation and interpretation, with specialist advice for keyboard, string and wind players, and singers. Book comes with a full-length CD of excerpts from authoritative recordings.

SfP CEO, Manvinder Rattan, recommends this guide:
“These are invaluable guides for singers, conductors and players alike which give practical and achievable pointers as to how to get your performances more in line with historically informed performance style. They are really worth aspiring to because really well thought-through performances are not just the preserve of the professionals, they can work for all of us and make a great difference to The final musical result.”

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