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Folk Songs and Dances Repertoire Pack

Folk Songs and Dances Repertoire Pack


This repertoire pack offers you arrangements of folk songs, rounds and dances from around the world in a variety of styles. Flexibly arranged, they are suitable for SAB, SATB or many other combinations of voices. This bundle contains three books from Sing for Pleasure’s Adult Songbook collection, all at a discounted price.

Simi Jadech (ASB #2)

Simi Jadech is a set of ten dance songs and rounds arranged by Patrick Shuldham-Shaw, edited by Elisabeth J Wild. Selected from Pat's favourite pieces, the book includes music for SATB and SAB choirs, arranged to be enjoyable and effective to sing. Particularly popular is the title piece, Simi Jadech, which would be a fitting finale to any concert.

O Lux Beata (ASB #9)

In O Lux Beata, we are delighted to present three arrangements and one new composition by Katy Lavinia Cooper, suitable for choirs of varying forces. They are written in such a way that they can be adapted to suit your choir's needs and you are encouraged to experiment with the number of parts and, in some cases, the structure of the performance. Originally written for the Glasgow Madrigirls, the music is designed for flexible voices, so can work with and without male voices. Katy has provided a note after each piece to provide performance suggestions.

Down in the River (ASB #13)

In Down in the River, we are delighted to present eight new arrangements written with community choirs in mind. The pieces included in this book are accessible and would make an excellent resource for choirs which are making their first foray into reading music. This book was commissioned by John Lewis Partnership Music Society as the prize for 'PartnerSing' 2014. Edited by Don Gillthorpe.

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