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SATB Repertoire Pack

SATB Repertoire Pack


In this repertoire pack you will find SATB arrangements of popular secular songs as well as some sacred songs in styles from blues to gospel. Whilst presented for SATB, some arrangements could be voiced flexibly. This bundle contains three books from Sing for Pleasure’s Adult Songbook collection, all at a discounted price.

Jean Harlow (ASB #6): SfP Classics

Jean Harlow is a collection of 14 a cappella favorites for mixed voices, edited by Maggie Richardson. Published to celebrate SfP's 40th anniversary in 2004, the songs in this book represent 40 years of joyful music making. This selection of unaccompanied arrangements, selected by members, is the perfect introduction to 'Singing for Pleasure'.

Downtown (ASB #8)

Downtown is selection of four arrangements by conductor and composer, Andrew Goff. The songs included in the book have been used on a number of Sing for Pleasure singing courses, with the title song being a particular favourite. The composer notes that no dynamic markings or tempo indications have been included intentionally, in the hope that singers and conductors will interpret the pieces in their own way, having some fun with the words and vocal lines.

Build a Bridge (ASB #15)

Build a Bridge is a collection of pieces composed by SfP tutor Stuart Overington and inspired by various musical traditions including spirituals, gospel and folk music. They are a celebration of music and its ability to bring people together, and are designed to be enjoyed by choirs of all abilities. The pieces are intended to be introduced and taught by rote; the use of music, however, may help reinforce the learning and speed up the process.

Whilst all the songs are written for SATB choir, many of the arrangements are flexible and can work for upper voice choirs or SAB ensembles. Also, in keeping with the aural traditions of gospel and spirituals, they may be rearranged in their structure without too much difficulty.

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