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Where Are All The Instruments? European Orchestra (2021)

Where Are All The Instruments? European Orchestra (2021)


With this book from The Why Book series, introduce young children to many instruments from the European orchestra!

The Jumo Orchestra are about to play a concert, but there’s a problem. They open up their cases and all their instruments are missing! The conductor of the orchestra calls Olivia, Zaki, Phoebe and Callum (The Why Squad) to find the instruments for the orchestra. The Why Squad search everywhere for the missing violins, cellos and tubas in the park, at the zoo, in the desert, underwater and even in space! They find all the instruments and give them back to the Jumo Orchestra who play an amazing concert! Colourful illustrations and a diverse and inclusive orchestra help children see themselves represented on every page. Can you find all the hidden instruments? Don’t forget about the QR code at the back of the book for more! The Why Music series gives children an introduction to music and musicians throughout history. Each book features a diverse range of characters, musicians and encourages children to ask ‘Why?’.

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