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Webinar Handouts

Notes and handouts featuring resources and other useful references from our series of webinars will be available to download below after each has taken place.

Series 1 (April-May 2020)
  • The Workplace Choir with Manvinder Rattan
  • Working with Community Choirs with Ula Weber
  • Accessing Free Repertoire with Katy Cooper
  • Teaching Points in Simple Songs with Catherine Beddison
  • Plainchant for Choral Directors with Tomos Watkins
Series 3 (July-August 2020)
  • Russian Orthodox Music with Sarah Tenant-Flowers
  • Vocal Keep Fit with Suzzie Vango
  • Booking & Managing Instruments with Stephen Gregson
  • Working with Changing Voices with Don Gillthorpe
  • Repertoire for Community Choirs with Stuart Overington
Series 5 (November-December 2020)
  • Social Prescribing with Emily Foulkes and Baz Chapman - Full Presentation
  • Social Prescribing - SfP Timeline Chart
  • Social Prescribing - Singing for Health Model
Series 2 (May-June 2020)
  • The Singing School with Miles Wallis-Clarke
  • Musicianship - Reading Rhythm with Rebecca Berkley
  • Warm Ups & Gathering Songs with Ula Weber
  • Music & Memories with Jane Hampson
  • Handel's Messiah with Manvinder Rattan
Series 4 (September-October 2020)
  • Using Audio Loops in Virtual Rehearsals with Stuart Overington
  • Singing in the Classroom with Imelda Shirley
  • Vocal Techniques for Choirs with Suzzie Vango
  • Rehearsal Techniques for Unauditioned Choirs with Ula Weber
Series 6 (February-March 2021)
  • Tonic Solfa with Rebecca Berkley
  • Holistic Singing with Katy Thomson
  • Technique Tips with Katy Thomson
  • Working with Accompanists with Mark Jordan
  • Choral Improvisation with Katy Lavinia Cooper

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