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O Lux Beata (ASB #9)

O Lux Beata (ASB #9)


In O Lux Beata, we are delighted to present three arrangements and one new composition by Katy Lavinia Cooper, suitable for choirs of varying forces. They are written in such a way that they can be adapted to suit your choir’s needs and you are encouraged to experiment with the number of parts and, in some cases, the structure of the performance. Originally written for the Glasgow Madrigirls, the music is designed for flexible voices, so can work with and without male voices. Katy has provided a note after each piece to provide performance suggestions.

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1. Circle March
2. Rousay Lullaby
3. O Lux Beata Trinita
4. Orra Bhonna Bhonnagan

Composer Information

Katy Lavinia Cooper is Director of Chapel Music at the University of Glasgow and works extensively as a choral conductor, arranger and workshop leader throughout the UK. She is co-director/founder of Glasgow Madrigirls, and conducts Scottish Opera’s Community Choir. Katy completed a PhD focussing on seventeenth century Scottish vocal music in 2016, and was appointed as Head of Marketing at Sing for Pleasure in 2020.