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Sing for Pleasure 60th Anniversary: Diamond Cuts Project

Calling SfP members past and present!

Sing for Pleasure will be celebrating its Diamond Jubilee in 2024.

A series of exciting events is being planned to mark this special occasion – more details of which will follow, so do watch this space!

As SfP continues to move forward, we want to celebrate our heritage by taking a moment to look back on treasured memories. We all share a common, rich history and we would love to capture and combine the reminiscences of all those who have been such an integral part of our story so far.

We will then collate these memories and stories into a digital and physical display to help us celebrate our 60 years in style, crystallising the huge legacy we all hold for the exciting future of Sing for Pleasure.

We would be delighted if you would contribute to our new SfP Archive: #SfPDiamondCuts.

How can you help?

We are aiming for 60 submissions to help us capture a broad spectrum of our membership and alumni memories to mark our 60th Anniversary.

You can help in one or both of the following ways:

  • Video: A short vertical video up to a minute to share your SfP memories and impact. (Just a Minute-style – No repetition, deviation or hesitation!). Let us know if you have any videos of past courses too!
  • Paragraph & Photo: A paragraph of up to 100 words about your memories and the impact of your time with SfP and a supporting photo of an SfP course, certificate, concert or something else.

How will my contributions be used?

We would like to put your short videos, paragraphs and photos on:

  • Our SfP Vocalise magazine
  • Our website
  • Our social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • An e-book which will be stored on the website
  • A photo book to be displayed at our major events throughout 2024
  • A rolling slideshow during our celebration events
  • Physical display boards with photos, posters, brochures, music and your paragraphs

I’m interested! What next?

Please complete this short form by 14th August to show your interest and we will be back in touch when submissions open.

Click for form

Don’t worry, this is just an expression of interest and you’re not committing to anything just yet!

We hope that, as someone who has been involved with Sing for Pleasure, you would like to contribute to this special Diamond Cuts project and we look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,

Imelda, Steve and the SfP Team